Are There Any Problems With This List?
This is a typical list of commercial maxims. They seem to be copied & re-pasted mindlessly.Can you decide for yourself that each one is true? Or do you believe gurus?

Because there are three classes of intellects: one which comprehends by itself; another which appreciates what others comprehend; and a third which neither comprehends by itself nor by the showing of others; the first is the most excellent, the second is good, the third is useless.”

Niccolò Machiavelli


Commercial Maxims (Basic Rules)

  1. A workman is worthy of his hire.
    Legal maxim: It is against equity for freemen not to have the free disposal of their own property.
  2. All are equal under the Law.
    Legal maxim: No one is above the law.
  3. In Commerce truth is sovereign.
    Legal maxim: to lie is to go against the mind.
  4. Truth is expressed by means of an affidavit.
    Legal maxim: (none)
  5. An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth in Commerce.
    Legal maxim: He who does not deny, admits.
  6. An unrebutted affidavit becomes the judgment in Commerce.
    Legal maxim: (none . . . concept of the duel without weapons)
  7. A matter be expressed to be resolved.
    Legal maxim: He who fails to assert his rights has none.
  8. He who leaves the field of battle first loses by default.
    Legal maxim: He who does not repel a wrong when he can, occasions it.
  9. Sacrifice is the measure of credibility.
    Legal maxim: He who bears the burden ought also to derive the benefit.
  10. A lien or claim can be satisfied only through rebuttal by Counter affidavit point-for-point, resolution by jury, or payment
    Legal maxim: If the plaintiff does not prove his case, the defendant is absolved.

Contr negantem principia non est disputandum

No future interest, valid in its creation, is defeated by the
determination of the precedent interest before the happening of the
contingency on which the future interest is limited to take effect;
but should such contingency afterwards happen, the future interest
takes effect in the same manner and to the same extent as if the
precedent interest had continued to the same period.

The Gunning Fog index is 20.85

  • The number of major punctuation marks, eg. [.], was 2
  • The number of words was 63
  • The number of 3+ syllable words, highlighted in blue, was 13

The Gunning’s Fog Index (or FOG) Readability Formula

Step 1: Take a sample passage of at least 100-words and count the number of exact words and sentences. 

Step 2: Divide the total number of words in the sample by the number of sentences to arrive at the Average Sentence Length (ASL). 

Step 3: Count the number of words of three or more syllables that are NOT (i) proper nouns, (ii) combinations of easy words or hyphenated words, or (iii) two-syllable verbs made into three with -es and -ed endings. 

Step 4: Divide this number by the number or words in the sample passage. For example, 25 long words divided by 100 words gives you 25 Percent Hard Words (PHW). 

Step 5: Add the ASL from Step 2 and the PHW from Step 4. 

Step 6: Multiply the result by 0.4. 

The mathematical formula is: 

Grade Level = 0.4 (ASL + PHW) 


ASL = Average Sentence Length (i.e., number of words divided by the number of sentences) 

PHW = Percentage of Hard Words 

The underlying message of The Gunning Fog Index formula is that short sentences written in Plain English achieve a better score than long sentences written in complicated language. 

The ideal score for readability with the Fog index is 7 or 8. Anything above 12 is too hard for most people to read. For instance, The Bible, Shakespeare and Mark Twain have Fog Indexes of around 6. The leading magazines, like Time, Newsweek, and the Wall Street Journal average around 11.

Tsweek, and the Wall Street Journal average around 11.

Dumbing down of the media

The Intellectual Ceiling of the Commercial Media

A celebration of ignorance!

The standard of journalistic sophistication, abstract thought and grammar that is produced by the advertiser-supported commercial media is between the 7th and the 9th grade. News papers, magazines, Hollywood movies, TV and other media are designed to comport with the FOG index, or more technically precise, the “Gunning-Fog Index”.
This index is billed as a “readability standard” whereby the claimed intent is to be understood and readable by the largest number of people. The reality is that the minds of those exposed to the media face an almost inescapable mental atrophy.
No event or idea, regardless of how complex or sophisticated it actually is, can be promulgated in any efficient, mass scale with the commercial media, beyond the range of the ever-dropping standard of roughly the 8th grade.
There’s more to know on the subject that greatly handicaps the abilities of discernment and discrimination but knowing this data point is a start.

“The fog index is commonly used to confirm that text can be read easily by the intended audience. Texts for a wide audience generally need a fog index less than 12. Texts requiring near-universal understanding generally need an index less than 8.” Wikipedia – Gunning-Fog Index

Here’s the formula:
Overtly communicated

1.    Tediously mindless & frivolous – “Sawdust for the mind. Just filler”.
2.    Promote wildly unrealistic fantasies about daily reality- Loto winners, waitresses with 7,000% tips, everyday Joe’s make it big
3.    Emotionally sensational or “touching” stories centered on a life-changing event for a single individual
4.    Wedge issue that magnifies and scrambles, disrupts or undermines current social standards or values- cross-genders, men in dresses, women in combat, trans-humanism, normalizing deep cultural disruptions like mass immigration, etc- lead the social narrative & suggest that it’s merely “following” by reporting it
5.    “Quasi-Intellectual” that suggests that it pushes the boundaries of knowledge – while staying within or below the 7th grade perimeters the FOG index, abstractly, cumulatively ( low idea horizon) grammatically, etc “NASA discovers new species of fruit fly”
6.    Celebrity / pop culture nonsense (Can be a combination of #’s 1, 2, 3, 4, & 9)
7.    Promotion of fear / anger – False flag events, extreme weather, plane crashes, common hazards, bed bugs in hotels, sensational race stories, etc
8.    “The STATE is in ultimate power” and STATE fairy tales – Jail time for pot, collecting rain water, too many chickens in a yard, the IRS is legit and powerful, the British Royal family is merely a figurehead, the CIA isn’t up to more than what’s reported on, etc – “the little guy is helpless” .
9.    Dumb down the public with the FOG index with short sentences, basic/poor grammar, simple abstract ideas, few or low combinations of ideas at once – soften the mind with simple, low challenging mental exercises.

What is Suggested

  1. These are the most important things going on.
  2. A Cinderella Story is just around the corner for you.
  3. You should react & think “this” way.
  4. These are bigger more prevalent issues than they really are.
  5. This is the one of the most sophisticated concepts that there are to consider.
  6. Idolization should be a thought process and the norm.
  7. Stay in an emotional state of survival – base existence.
  8. Scramble “status” to the Capitoline Wolf.
  9. Provide deficient stimulation to cause mental atrophy.

1st story on the NY Times;

WASHINGTON — When George W. Bush first ran for president, he liked to say he had inherited half of his father’s friends and all of his enemies.

Fog Index = 14.8

2nd Story

A Small tan and white Pomeranian Dog was found Monday.

Fog Index = 8


Quote by T. Jefferson

“We shall divert through our own Country a branch of commerce which the European States have thought worthy of the most important struggles and sacrifices, and in the event of peace on terms which have been contemplated by some powers we shall form to the American union a barrier against the dangerous extension of the British Province of Canada and add to the Empire of liberty an extensive and fertile Country thereby converting dangerous Enemies into valuable friends.”   Fog Index = 38.89

“Of courage undaunted, possessing a firmness and perseverance of purpose which nothing but impossibilities could divert from its direction, careful as a father of those committed to his charge, yet steady in the maintenance of order and discipline, intimate with the Indian character, customs, and principles; habituated to the hunting life, guarded by exact observation of the vegetables and animals of his own country against losing time in the description of objects already possessed; honest, disinterested, liberal, of sound understanding, and a fidelity to truth so scrupulous that whatever he should report would be as certain as if seen by ourselves – with all these qualifications as if selected and implanted by nature in one body for this express purpose, I could have no hesitation in confiding the enterprise to him. Fog Index = 24.7

Maxwell v. Dow, 176 U.S. 581 (1900)

There is no reason to doubt their willingness or their ability to do so, and when providing in their Constitution and legislation for the manner in which civil or criminal actions shall be tried, it is in entire conformity with the character of the Federal government that they should have the right to decide for themselves what shall be the form and character of the procedure in such trials, whether there shall be an indictment or an information only, whether there shall be a jury of twelve or a lesser number, and whether the verdict must be unanimous or not.
Fog Index = 45.6

The powers of their minds are starved by disuse.

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