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Credence To The Source

1987 / To the interviewer about the media in general “Why don’t you tell the public what’s really going on? Why don’t you tell them that the water is so bad that the fish can’t live in it? Why don’t you tell them that the polar caps are melting because of this …”machine”?”

4:50 Interviewer “Who’s destroying the Earth and why?” Answer “Human beings that are accepted and called ‘right’. 100 Years ago we could cut down trees and afford an exuberant lifestyle. We can’t afford that no more. We’re running out of atmosphere – we’re running out of water. Pretty soon it’ll be so polluted that we won’t be able to drink it. The United States is OWNED by foreign corporations.”

“Go out and demonstrate about a nuclear power plant and then go home and turn the power on. If you want to demonstrate for nuclear power plant don’t use electricity. Does that make sense? They want to demonstrate for something and get their faces up in the camera like ‘look at me’ and you know… ‘pay me to be somebody’ and then on the other hand they can’t be somebody because they go home and turn the electricity on and use the same fuckin pollution… you dig what I’m saying? You can’t protest cutting down trees with paperwork. All the people that wanna live, stop cutting down trees and stop polluting the ground.

I don’t consider them “drugs” They are more or less religiously significant, awareness – mind expanding apparatuses that come from the intelligence universe .”

“We’re all our own prisoners. We’re all our own wardens. We all do our own time. We get stuck in our own little trips and we judge ourselves on what we do. There’s only one person to be scared of – That’s yourself.” >>>