spencer barclay archive

the hundredth monkey

Guesthouse lesson part 2

Guesthouse lesson on notice, due process, status and more….

Back yard discussion on reveling the truth about money, finances, property, set off and more….

Spencer 1st time at the ranch part 2

Spencer 1st time visiting the ranch part 1

much to be gleaned from this short clip about effectively asking questions and staying in honor…..

Untie the nots inside or you will explode…..

Let us not be scared to be as persistent as Bob…..



6 thoughts on “spencer barclay archive

  1. John

    HI Spencer,
    We also heard you on radio3 fourteen
    Great interview! I have been working on A4V for a couple years now. We would love to hear back from you so we can talk about what we accomplished and how. I would be interested in sharing some of our “home grown” contracts with you. Hope to hear back and take care!


  2. marga t.

    Neil K. pointed me toward your name for a bit of independent study (radical therapy:) for breaking the spells of citizenry, money, matrix power…Mainly I’m interested in dispelling the illusion of money. As I lurk here for a bit for study, I wanted to say hello and send appreciation for the refreshing authenticity and straight up logical/practical awareness in the face of what makes most run and hide. Great to have all these teachings archived here!

  3. Scott

    Hi spencer
    Iv been following your work for a couple of years now and would like to say how grateful I am for your efforts to facilitate a better comprehension of the subjects you cover . I was wondering how to obtain a password for the material that’s protected ?
    Many thanks Scott


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