Black’s 4th / Pg 1195
NIHIL DICIT. He says nothing.
This is the name of the judgment which may be taken as
of course against a defendant who omits to plead or answer
the plaintiff’s declaration or complaint within the time
limited. In some jurisdictions it is otherwise known as
judgment “for want of a plea.” Gilder v. McIntyre, 29
Tex. 91; Falken v. Housatonic R. Co., 63 Conn. 258, 27 A.
1117; Wilbur v. Maynard, 6 Colo. 486.
Judgment taken against party who withdraws his answer
is judgment nihil dicit, which amounts to confession of
cause of action stated, and carries with it, more strongly
than judgment by default, admission of justice of plaintiff’s
case. Howe v. Central State Bank of Coleman, Tex.
Civ.App., 297 S.W. 692, 694.